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Why do I have to be fingerprinted?

There are a variety of reasons why someone would require to be fingerprinted; employment, government agencies, state legislation or federal legislation. These reasons normally require a fingerprint-based background check on you prior employment or issuing a license. These fingerprint-based background checks may have to do with safe access to vulnerable populations; i.e., children or elderly persons, or access to sensitive information or systems. While the reasons do vary, generally the fingerprinting process is relatively very similar.

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What's the difference between this and a CORI?

Unlike a state CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information), a fingerprint-based background check is far more complex and is processed through multiple law enforcement agencies and criminal data bases. Fingerprints are normally submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to process a national criminal history record report, whereas a CORI only provides a state criminal history record report. The CORI database only contains information about crimes investigated and prosecuted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and does not include information related to federal crimes or crimes committed in other states.

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What is included in a fingerprint-based Background Check?

A fingerprint-based Background Check can reveal all relevant information in your life; birth, name, address, employment and arrests. The FBI Fingerprint Database will include what is called a "rap sheet," which consists of any criminal arrests from state or local agencies, charges, and the results of such cases. Felonies and more serious misdemeanors may also be included in the rap sheet. It is unusual, however, for minor violations or fines to be included within the rap sheet, such as moving violations or parking fines. Since these types of offenses are so minor, they are not typically reported to the FBI. Nonetheless, a handful of agencies may report these matters at a federal level.

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Who needs to be fingerprinted?

Employers and licensing divisions are the most frequent requesters of fingerprint-based background checks. State and federal legislation provides a good portion of requirements for fingerprint-based background checks, but companies and licensing divisions may also have their own policies in place as well. There are a wide variety of jobs and positions that will require an individual to maintain a clean criminal record to obtain (and in some instances, maintain) employment with their company. Professions such as teaching and within the medical field are also often required to obtain a fingerprint-based background check. Government jobs, including city or county governments, may also likely request a background check be performed. Individuals, other than employers, may also require the usefulness of a fingerprint-based background check; a family looking to adopt a child or person wishing to obtain citizenship within the country may also be required to obtain a fingerprint-based background check.

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I've already been fingerprinted before, why again?

Fingerprints are required each time a fingerprint-based background check is requested. Similar to a credit check being pulled by various car dealerships and requiring their own genuine copy rather than one produced by the consumer, as any information produced from the consumer could be altered in some way. Fingerprints taken for background checks are normally used as a comparative search and are used for that one, single request. As such, each requirement for a fingerprint-based background check will require its own, separately produced fingerprints. State and federal legislation, along with company and division policies will normally have their own policies in place and normally will not share results of a background check due to conflicting with privacy laws.

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Can I get a copy of my results?

While most processes for fingerprint-based background checks are similar at the start, each normally has their own regulation and laws in regard to viewing the results. Some state and federal legislation indicate that only certain persons are able to obtain the results for that particular background check and as such, will require you to obtain your own fingerprint-based background check to view what is included in the results. A personal background check can be performed at our location. You may call or E-mail to schedule an appointment or to request more information.

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