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FBI Background Checks

All arrest information included in an Identity History Summary is obtained from fingerprint submissions, disposition reports, and other information submitted by authorized criminal justice agencies.

What is a Fingerprint FBI Background Check?

FBI background checks include a summary of your criminal history.

The FBI compiles criminal history, sometimes called a "rap sheet", through information gathered from fingerprint matches obtained through federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Any company can require a background check as a condition of employment. However, only you can request a copy of your criminal history summary from the FBI.

Reasons for a Fingerprint Criminal History Report

Here are some reasons why you may need to check your criminal history.

Student Visa

Many countries require a background check before issuing travel, work, student Visas.

Foreign Travel or Work

Traveling to certain countries require a Visa application and a recent Background Check.

Personal Review

Do you know what is on your record? Make sure that incorrect data is not hurting your changes for a job or that promotion.


Many countries require a background check before allowing foreign adoptions.

Attorney Requests

An attorney may need to request a background check for use in court related matters.

Court Related Matters

A background check may be used to seal, expunge, or remove inaccurate criminal history.


These are the prices for our in-office Departmental Order Services

Email Only

$ 90
  • Live Scan Fingerprint Capture
  • Emailed result in 24 Hours*

Regular Mail

Most Popular
$ 110
  • USPS Mail
  • Live Scan Fingerprint Capture
  • Emailed result in 24 Hours*
  • Tamper Proof Paper
  • Additional Copies Available

USPS Priority Mail

$ 135
  • USPS Priority Mail
  • Live Scan Fingerprint Capture
  • Emailed result in 24 Hours*
  • Tamper Proof Paper
  • Additional Copies Available


$ 165
  • Fedex Overnight Mail
  • Live Scan Fingerprint Capture
  • Emailed result in 24 Hours*
  • Tamper Proof Paper
  • Additional Copies Available

Do you already have an inked fingerprint card?

We can professionally scan in your fingerprint cards and send them into a receiving agency for you!

  1. Step One: Get Fingerprinted
  2. Step Two: Complete Forms
  3. Step Three: Choose Shipping Option
  4. Step Four: Submit Order
Inked Fingerprint Card
Flatbed Scanner

Do you have a flatbed scanner?

You can scan in your inked card and email it directly to us!

  1. 600 dots per inch (dpi)
  2. PNG compression. BMP is also acceptable
  3. No JPG compression. It looses too much detail
Department Of State

Fingerprint Innovations also offers Apostille
& Authentication services

If you plan on traveling to a foreign country to live, work, or attend school, you may be asked to obtain an FBI Criminal History Summary Report, also known as an FBI Background Check or Departmental Order. Fingerprint Innovations’s systems have the ability to transmit fingerprints electronically for expedited processing of your background check. If that is not enough, we take it one step further!

Many countries will request FBI background Checks to be Apostilled which is now one of Fingerprint Innovations’s services!

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, we can answer them.

Q. Is this secure?

We use a modern secure cloud server for our website. Your files are encrypted at all times.

Q. What happens to my fingerprints?

Your fingerprint records are sent to an FBI Channeler and then sent to CJIS for processing. Your information is deleted after 30 days. This is to ensure that your information is processed correctly, and can be transmitted at your convenience, if necessary.

Q. Who sees my fingerprints?

Once your fingerprints have been captured, they are forwarded directly to the FBI database for processing. We will only review your fingerprints if the system rejects them due to bad quality images.

Q. How long does it take to get fingerprinted?

It typically takes about 10 minutes from the time you are called, until all of your fingerprints have been captured.

Q. How long before I get my results?

You should get your electronic results emailed to you within 48 hours. Most electronic results come back within the first hour. Mailed results are sent within 24 hours of receiving your electronic result. Mailing times vary based on which option you selected.

Q. What information do I need?

You need a valid State or Federally issued form of identification so we can prove your identity. A valid driver’s license or passport is acceptable.

Q. Do I bring any documentation?

We typically don't need any additional documentation other than your identity documents.

Q. What payment do you accept?

We accept cash, or any major credit card. (Visa/Mastercard/Discovery/American Express)

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